Our Services


Pre-Construction Services


Site Selection and Due Diligence Reports

The importance of this phase of a development can not be overstated, the ultimate profitability of a project is often determined by what site/land or building is purchased.  At reserve construction, we provide consulting services and due diligence reports on your potential project locations.  Our expertise in this arena has saved our clients countless amounts of money in the past. By helping our clients avoid the pitfalls of a poor location, we save them money on the ultimate cost of construction. 


Project Feasibility & Budget Estimates

Our experience in the industry allows us to provide accurate budget estimates to our clients before construction documents have even begun to be drawn.  By having accurate budgets, the client is confident in the ultimate cost of the project and can be aggressive with its lender. Being able to determine the feasibility of a project without spending money on an architect or engineer allows our clients to save on soft costs if that property or building is not suited to their needs. 


Quality Control of Design Documents

Quality Control of the plans and submittals is crucial to getting accurate proposals from all bidders.  Our estimators and project superintendents go over ever detail of the design documents and compare pages against each other for accuracy.  In a competitive bid scenario, this helps us to know that all bidders are bidding apples to apples and benefits the client by ensuring that the design documents are accurate before work even starts.   The more accurate the design documents, the less likely that change orders will occur on a project and it is our goal to minimize any unexpected cost to our clients.




Construction Management

Often times we are asked to oversee the development of a project as the owner’s representative. Our construction management team will help with the design of the project, oversee the bidding process, review all correspondence, confirm proper installation and approve the quality of finishes. We provide an added layer of protection to the client, ensure that the project stays on schedule and that the finished project exceeds all expectations.


Project Management

At Reserve Construction, we work tirelessly to make your vision a reality while you focus on what you do best.  We work hand and hand with client representatives and design professionals to keep your project moving with the highest quality standards and a commitment to meeting your timeline and budget constraints.


Project Manuals

So that we may provide the most seamless transition from design to completion, our staff in the field keep electronic and hard copies of all design documents, schedules, contracts, sub-contractor and client correspondence, field reports and billing on-site in a bound manual.




Warranty Manuals

Reserve Construction provides a warranty for all labor and material against defects for one year after the date of substantial completion.  We provide an electronic file and a hard copy all of the warranty information for each trade that is bound and delivered to clients along with the other close out documents.